Is this the World’s Best Entrepreneur School? (You decide)

Hello. After some market research today I discovered that a very hot topic currently is the search for an Entrepreneur School , and there is of course a good reason for that.The idea of starting your own business, offline or online is very appealing and getting the knowledge necessary to hopefully guarantee your success is a vital

The how-to of online marketing. The basic basics. The three C’s of online marketing.

Hello. Today I wanted to share with you the complete picture of online marketing.I’m still a student in this game and I’ll never have a B.Sc. or a Ph.D. in marketing technology because I’m doing it, and not just talking about it. I’ve learned from my friend Chris Record, that a great way to learn is to study something with the direct intention

A blogpost for World Peace. An impossible goal?

Hello! I just got back from my art class tonight where we are preparing for an Expo on the subject of World Peace.Work for World Peace. An impossible goal?As you might have already heard, “Impossible is nothing”.World peace will come about and within our lifetime. It has been decided.The internet will be play a crucial role in bringing

A life saved by pure INTENTION. A True story.

Hi there. I wanted to share a true story with you about pure intention.I lived with my two brothers and my younger sister in UK around 1974 I think it was. I had been taking a course to improve my communication ability and part of this couse was to drill one’s ability to get a pure INTENTION across , which is in fact the carrier of the

Personal development is tough. Change your mind, changes everything.

Hello. If you’ve been checking out the Empower Network for any length of time you’ll have heard the mention “Don’t be a wussy!”You might not have understood why.Because you’re not a wussy right?Right?Well, I just heard this from Chris Rushlow on the weekly Monday night call, as he described the Empower Network as a “personal

Convert your Blog posts to ebook, epub, pdf and ezine formats for your blog article marketing

Hello. As part of my helpful articles for the blogger, online marketer and affiliate marketing friends out there in internet land, I wanted to share this website that was brought to my attention by Rob Fore.It’s a great little website that anyone who has already created content on the web can use to make that blog post or article available in

Attraction, inspiration, creation, charisma.

Attraction, inspiration, creation, charisma.These are all awesome things aren’t they?Do you realise that you have all of them?All of them?It is my definite major purpose in life to help everyone that I come into contact with to achieve their true potentials.That’s why I’m here, doing what I’m doing.I intend to affect you in a