Understand the basic principles of high traffic marketing and Google can change their furry algorithms all they want…

Hello. I wanted to share these concepts with you from David Wood and help you to appreciate the value of understanding the principles of generating high traffic volumes to your website of blogs, rather than running after all the furry algorithms that Google and all the other search engines might come up with.The facts are that you need two

Reason Essentials 2 on Windows 8 64 bit PC

Hello! As a change from internet marketing hint and tips, today is back to my first love, music!(As Dave Wood says the point  is to build your business while having a life!)And music creation is my life!I bought a new piece of multi-track music production software from Propellerheads.se and downloaded it to my PC.[caption

Get ready! ENV2 launches 23 september! You want to be ready, and facing forward when this wave hits the internet!

I went to the Empower Network event in Denver, Colorado and was privileged to see first hand the information about the new release of ENV2.Truthfully, as the current Empower Network blogging system and training package has already changed the game of marketing on the internet, ENV2 (Empower Network Version 2.0) is going to make what we

I, Jeremusic, will bring about a global evolution in education on this planet.

Hello! I am excited today and this excitement is getting more intense.When a vision is put into action astounding things happen!I want you to read this announcement and understand that I am writing truly from my heart.My name is Jeremy Feldmesser. I am Jeremusic as an artist , composer and catalyst for the enhancement of

How-to add affiliate links on wordpress blog

Hello! Just a quick how-to blog today for all you wordpress blog owners planning to make some extra cash from your blog through affiliate link marketing! And why not?The people on your site following a given subject are much more likely to be warm to ad proposals of things that are in the field of the blog topic.I mean, it’s probably not a

Hello! Just taking a break while watching the awesome film the “Last Samurai” with my eldest son.

Excellent film with Tom Cruise, one of my favorite actors.

It’s a long epic film but wanted to say Hi to everyone in internet land, to say I still think about you all, and that I care, and work to make this planet a better place each day.

If I can inspire you to do the same we will have our better world already.

Check out my blog, see what I stand for and lets create a better world and an education for our children we’d be happy to have for ourselves.

Fight for your life

Get up!

Like in the film, I’ve been beaten down , like you have, by life at times, but I never gave up on the people who were counting on me. And I’m still fighting today, for my family and all families, to create the better world we all dream of.

I want people to stop drugging people because we can’t understand them, and because we have lost our humanity. we have allowed thepsychiatric lies to poison our minds and ‘believe’ that we are just a series of chemical reactions. Bollocks. Total crap.

And stop drugging or intoxicating yourselves for ‘pleasure’. There is SO much intensity ofunbelievably powerful emotions you can hardly imagine, but drugs and alcohol willnever get you there.


I live my life.

I love it.

I am happiest when I see someone rid themselves of the self-limiting beliefs that have been holding them down and they stand up, proud to be themselves, cool, and awesome with integrity restored they join the team of people who help others to become powerful individuals.

That’s how we’ll change this planet.

Pick yourself up out of the mud you find yourself in, and realise that you still have fight left in you.

Google  ’jeremusic’ and see where you resonate with me. Music, art, education, self empowerment, future destiny, are just a few of my intense endeavors. Share, connect and give me feedback.

Connect and let me help you if I can, and I will accept your help, to make this world worth calling ‘home’.

learn to make the right choices dailyhttp://jeremusic.com

Thanks for listening!

And as I always say, (and for good reason!)

Flourish and Prosper! (I know you can do it!)

Jeremusic AKA Jeremy Feldmesser

Tribe marketing, syndication, affiliate marketing and joining TribePro. Does it help?

Hello there! Having been in the process of stepping up my business to a whole new level I recently reviewed the information from a number of sources on the Tribe Pro Service and I have joined up today so that I can let you know more in depth about the service.As I said, before I invest in or join anything I take a good look at the feedback

“If you think you can or if you think you can’t, you’re right”

“If you think you can orif you think you can’t,you’re right”

Awesome people. How do I improve self esteem?

Hello! Today I decided to rejoice in the awesomeness of people!And perhaps help other not-yet-awesome people discover their awesomeness and improve self esteem.The truth is that we are all awesome. that means capable of being considered with awe by someone else. That’s part of improving self esteem.We all are capable of doing awesome

I have total, utter faith in you to fulfill the purpose in my life, and I don’t have a clue who you are.

Hello. I hope the title caught your attention.It was intended to, and for good reason.I’m blogging every day for a purpose.A purpose bigger than just money, or marketing, or ‘exposure’.I have a very, very big purpose.I know the purpose in my life.I want to change the world.Some of you will laugh at that and think that I’m a