Tribe marketing, syndication, affiliate marketing and joining TribePro. Does it help?

Hello there! Having been in the process of stepping up my business to a whole new level I recently reviewed the information from a number of sources on the Tribe Pro Service and I have joined up today so that I can let you know more in depth about the service. As I said, before I invest in or join anything I take a good look at the feedback that exists on our Wonderful World Wide Web (wwww :) ) and I made the observation that a number of very well known internet marketers were using TribePro as well as a few millionaires.(!) The concept is pretty simple and here is one video from Staci Gauny,  co-founder of TribePro that explains it to you : And this one from the well-known Kris Darty! So, know you know what it’s for and how well it works, you can get yours here:

joining TribePro hereJoin here now.

From my personal marketing perspective, this is absolutely THE tool that I was looking for! As Kris explains, you can have great content, and tremendous value, but lacking backlinks to ‘prove’ to the search engines, it’s a gargantuan effort to make a piece of content ‘findable’ (is that a real word?) Evidently, as with everything in life, you get out what you put in. If you only want to share 5 posts and hope to get 3000 shares of your content, it just doesn’t work that way. Get into the abundance mind-set and help as many people as you can to achieve their goals, and you’ll be well on the way to achieving yours! :) Using this tool will make it worthwhile to have spent time creating my own precious content. The search engines love links and the internet runs on FRESH CONTENT. That may be an error in the system, but that’s just the way it is right now. So to have success you need good content regularly uploaded and social backlinks to give it value, in the ‘eyes’ of the search engines.

Setting up a Tribe Pro account.

Actually, it’s very simple. Staci has put a number of short videos that are a simple walk-through of each part, step by step so you don’t get overwhelmed by all the tabs and buttons that you find when you sign up. There are three levels, Free, Plus and  Pro so you can choose the level that you want that suits your current needs. I wanted the auto-syndication of my blog post feed so I went in at the Plus level right off. Once your account settings are all done you can check out all the tribes to find the ‘niche’ that you’re in, where your content will be shared by other people who have a following likely to be interested in your content. (I wouldn’t join a business tribe if I was sharing tips on crochet for example…)

TribePro Affiliate marketing pays you back.

This quick TribePro review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Affiliate plan, so you can get rewarded for helping to get more customers to the service. This way helping other new people  get their accounts could basically mean that you don’t pay anything for yours! Ok, so there you have it! A great new tool to help you to boost your rankings for your website or blog content by joining TribePro. I’ll keep you all updated on the progress with this service! Jeremusic and Justin Jeremusic and Justin Thanks for listening! And as I always say, (and for good reason!) Flourish and Prosper! (I know you can do it!) Jeremusic AKA Jeremy Feldmesser