Live your passion, build your business

Hello! I like to take ‘different’ photographs from your usual holiday snapshots. I like to be creative with my camera, and sometimes even just create abstract “artwork” using the camera.What this all has to do with building a business, or internet marketing will become clearer shortly. Stick around a minute and I’ll explain.I like to go

Building a business through the power of community

Hello! I was just enhancing my knowledge of the internet marketing arena (yes arena, because just like in the times of the gladiators, if you didn’t know how to survive, you get eaten alive!) by watching and taking notes on one of the videos in the Costa Rica mastermind intensive.The particular video was nearly an hour long and covered many

“Wealth flows to he who can give”

Hello. In my relatively short time being involved in making money online, home business ownership and affiliate marketing, I have discovered a certain ‘truth’ that appears to be well verified by a number of examples that are self evident.”Wealth flows to he who can give”.I have chosen this phrase to sum-up the concept here that may be

When ‘fault’ becomes ‘responsibility’, your life changes, and personal development and wealth become finally possible for you.

Hello! I wanted to share something fundamental today that I felt would really help everyone that reads this, and everyone that has subscribed to my list and wants help to stop struggling and to finally start winning.This article applies to online marketing, home based business creation or affiliate marketing.I looked around for a while and

If you want to get somewhere, help get everyone else there too!

Hello! I wanted to share this vital concept with you today, because this fact is a life changing concept!I have some very big goals personally.I want to get all children off drugs ‘prescribed’ by idiots who want oppress your children and have them become ‘manageable vegetables’ instead of vital active passionate individuals.I want to

My heart goes out to Colorado in these terrible floods.

Hello. It scares me to think that only a few weeks ago I was at the Empower Network event in Denver Colorado, and tonight on the News here in France I’m watching as floods sweep across the county! The scenes of disaster and devastation are just shocking. Unbelievable!I sincerely hope that these people get the help and support that they so

Self -motivation. 3 minutes might change your life(style!)

Hello! My friend Samantha Studebaker Carl posted this little clip on G+ and I so enjoyed the positivity of it I just had to share it with you all.It epitomises the mind-set of a winner, of an entrepreneur who will make it, because as David Sharpe said “There is no failure, only feedback”.The people, ordinary people like you and me, that do

Helping the 98% to actually make it in internet marketing! Mike Hobbs on “Leaving no-one behind”

Hello. Having written about the reasons that so many marketers who start never get to finish, I wanted to share the solution today and shamelessly promoting the Empower Network blogging platform with the very valuable Prosperity Team bonuses.The solution to the ‘failing 98% of internet marketers’ was to build a system that anyone can follow,

Why 98% of marketers fail. The real reason.

Hello. I want you to succeed in your online business. I want to do everything that I can to make sure that the information that you need to succeed is available to you.It is. It’s all here. There’s literally tons of information on the web for free about making money online or building a home based business, but most of the time you only get a

Crap! only got a 3.6% open rate! aaaaaaRRGH!

Hello! We’re hot on the topic of internet marketing again, and today is about building your list and increasing your open rate.Yes, the how-to of building your list.If you haven’t yet signed up for the empower network, you should, just because it will be the start of a long and meaningful relationship between us, but because you’ll get to know